Jaguar Expression Pro



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The Expression Pro is designed for every demanding environment. A top of the range Ibertial machine with sleek design; this coffee machine will not look out of place in any coffee shop or eatery.

The Expression Pro is designed to produce high capacities of coffees. Built to last with high quality brewing systems. The expression Pro has a double boiler, one boiler to extract the coffee and one boiler to steam the milk.

Control the machine with the latest touchscreen technology:

  • Colour Touchscreen menu
  • Keep stock of coffees made, per does
  • Programmable coffee dose
  • Monitor cleaning and maintenance
  • Monitor and program water hardness
  • Set milk temperature and offset the actual milk temperature
  • Available in Two Group or Three Group



Key Features

TWO BOILER SYSTEM One for coffee and one for steam.
TFT Screen TFT colour touchscreen, easy to use system
Sleek Design Available in Matte Black or Glossy White, including a backlit LED light front panel


Jaguar Expression Pro Specification