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Coffee Machines

Commercial Coffee Machines

iSpy Coffee provide market-leading coffee machines for offices and workplace environments. When maintained correctly, coffee machines give you many years of pleasure. This philosophy is a deliberate reaction against the throw-away mentality.

This in turn can be friendlier for the environment. Automatic speciality coffee machines stand for the perfect coffee result from fresh beans. They offer a free choice of coffee and avoid unnecessary packaging waste.

However, many companies see coffee machines as a ‘nice to have’ rather than a necessity. They look at the costs involved in purchasing a machine and it goes no further. It’s not the first or last time this will happen but there is another option. Imagine being able hire machines on a rental model or have the ability to lease them. We understand that not all businesses can justify upfront costs, which is exactly why our business exists.

Office Coffee Machines

Do you love coffee? Many people in your workplace would probably agree! The range of coffee machines available caters for offices of all sizes and styles to give you the perfect solution.

Professional Coffee Machines

Sometimes our clients need something a little more upmarket or bespoke. Our range of professional coffee machines can support the most demanding of venues. 

Vending Coffee Machines

For many years we have been leading the way with our range of coffee machines. Vending machines that supply coffee are becoming increasingly popular. 

Coffee Machine Lease & Rent

As a leading coffee machine rental and leasing company in the UK, we offer superb packages to suit your requirements. Simple questions about counter space, volume, taste and voila. We can quickly establish the best type of solution based on the conditions it will be operating. The luxury you have is having our years of experience to hand to guide you through the process. We also offer an attractive range of storage and presentation units for you to create a completely tailored coffee solution. Once we’ve agreed on the coffee machine(s) and any accessories, we can get to work.

Whether this is for your office or workplace, we can meet your needs at a competitive price. Our team can also supply you with a wide selection of accessories for your coffee machine. From cup warmers to a milk coolers, coffee grounds disposal function set to drip drain sets. We can even offer an interface for accounting systems and machines that take card payments. In short, we really do have something for every businesses interested in renting or leasing a coffee machine.

If you do not see the product or machine you’d like or want to find out more on our packages. Please call our friendly sales team today on 01702 886 222. We look forward to discussing how we can make your business and workplace better.

iSpy Coffee Machine Range

For many years we have been leading the way with our range of coffee machines. Vending machines that supply coffee are becoming increasingly popular. Want to you your machine 24 hours a day? No problem, it’s automatic and will run itself! The iSpy Group work as a main supplier for brands such as Westomatic. Installing a vending coffee machine can help you to generate additional revenue. Let us work with you to create a package which meets the growing demand of hot drinks in your workplace.

iSpy Coffee are a leading supplier of traditional coffee machines nationally in the UK. We supply both Iberital and San Remo for lease, rent or hire as part of our range of machines. Not every business wants an automatic coffee machine, especially those who are really passionate about coffee. Our team understands that, so all of our traditional machines have that barista touch. You can rest assured you’ll  always get that authentic look and feel when dealing with us. If that wasn’t enough, your customers will get that traditional experience and that perfect cup of coffee feeling.

With a built in grinder, a bean to cup machine will turn coffee beans into amazing espresso. Traditional pump machines are not as consistent as these automated machines. They are customisable which enables you to set your own preferences based on taste. You can use any type of bean but also control coffee strength, grinding coarseness, cup size and milk frothing. If you are looking for simplicity, convenience, speed and freshness then we recommend a bean to cup coffee machine.

On the Go Machines

If you sell 50 coffees a day at £2.50 per cup, you can make £135,000 over 3 years. Having a coffee to go machine on site is and can become an essential part of your business. We use different coffee machines within the coffee to go range to deliver highstreet quality coffee. We achieve this by using our Grizzly Bear Beans and Grizzly Bear Powdered Milk in each cup of coffee. In turn this gives the coffee a truly luxury taste. For a more personal touch, you can brand the coffee to go machines and accessories too.