CH1000 Hot & Cold Boiler



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The CH1000 provides a constant supply of filtered hot or cold water with the Instanta CH1000. This stylish compact and reliable machine will provide all the beverage requirements for a busy office. Fresh chilled water between 3 & 9ºC (depending upon ambient temperature).

Creating an end to bottled water saves you money, storage and additional maintenance. With a built-in filter for taste and reduce the build-up of limescale and a thermostat to ensure the water is at a constant 98°C.



Key Features

• Long life incoloy boiler element
• Food quality hose for connection to water supply included
• Moulded plug
• Unique Instanta service warning codes
• Over 60 cups per hour chilled water below 11°C
• Stainless case
• Insulated boiler


CH1000 Hot & Cold Boiler Brochure