Jaguar Intenz



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The Intenz is a state of the art machine which preserves all the history inside every coffee bean

This Barcelona designed espresso machine will please not only your customers with a great coffee, but your baristas too with its simplicity to use, its ergonomic handles and its powerful technology. Smooth, round finishes please the eyes of everyone without disturbing your current atmosphere.

The main advantage of this automatic machine is that the water dispense for the coffee is portion controlled for single or double coffees and for espressos and cappuccino/lattes/americanos. This means that for the coffee, you simply press the button on the front of the machine and the coffee will be consistently dispensed while you are free to do other things (e.g. taking the money). This machine needs to plumbed into mains water, but is self filling once installed.

The Iberital Intenz is an espresso machine made to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Designed to withstand intensive use and meet high performance expectations, Intenz is as robust and precise as it is sophisticated and versatile.



Key Features

Adjustment of the touchpanel settings
Front panel can be removed enabling easy access inside the machine
Boiler drain tap is situated in the center of the drip tray for easy drainage (Optional)
Anti-splash hot water outlet
Heating element protector device
Internal motor and pump
Filter holders and chrome handles, and open outputs. Steam / special pipes water.
Automatic filling of boiler water.
Built-in heating element protection.
Built-in pump motor.
Available in 1 group, 2 group and 3 Group


Jaguar Intenz Specification