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Have you ever considered the option of renting or leasing a vending machine? Some businesses are completely unaware that this is an option available to them. This is why iSpy Group have continued to grow our vending machine rental and leasing services. Upfront costs for these types of machines can be quite daunting. However, an affordable weekly or monthly costs to have a machine is much more appealing. We work with our clients to create a solution that meets their needs. In addition, we can offer a range of support services for servicing and maintenance too.

Our company has been in business and leading the way for many years now. We employ a friendly and reliable team who are always on hand to answer any questions you might have. For businesses that have staff who are asking them about installing vending machines, we have the answers. Vending machine solutions can include hot and cold snacks and beverage systems. If a machine has a problem then our technical team are available on the phone to help resolve it. Our expert team of engineers work across the whole of the United Kingdom giving our clients peace of mind.

What are the best locations for vending machines? Firstly, take into account who your target customer is and what else is available in the surrounding area. Predominantly high footfall locations are the most suitable because of the traffic they get. This can include shopping centres, offices, schools, airports, business parks and hotels. However, you might have a smaller office but want to provide your staff with drinks and snacks. In short, there are no shortage of locations where vending machines would not be suitable. You do not need to man a vending machine allowing for 24 hour usage.

There are a huge number of benefits when it comes to vending machines. Not only are they easy to use but they also provide a service for staff and customers alike. Offering a wide range of drinks, snacks and other hot and cold items can help with customer retention. Customers will also spend time standing at a machine or sitting down in your premises. However, one of the main benefits of having a vending machine is the revenue opportunities. Just think for every product someone buys from your machine you are generating money. We offer solutions that accept both cash and other payment options too.

Also if you would like to take it a step further iSpy Group can offer all our vending machines to be wrapped in whatever – change this to any marketing or advertisements you would like to promote your business.

Vending Machines

Are you a business who is looking for a vending machine to suit the publics or employees needs? Look no further. iSpy Group supply a diverse range of vending machines ranging from cold and hot drinks vending to fresh food vending. You have the option to have your vending machine as free vend or chargeable it is suitable for all businesses. iSpy also carry out a free site survey for all our customers to ensure there is space and explain the process of the options you have for your vending machine.

iSpy Vending Machines Range

We are excited to offer this multi drum vending machine which offers businesses a variety of choice. Do you need to replenish stock quickly? All you need to do is use the pull out drums! You can have up to three price points with this machine. This allows you to showcase a variety of front facing sandwiches and snacks too. Looking for a machine regulated for Health Control? We tick that box too! This means its perfect for fresh food and perishables. 

Snack Point Vending Range

Westomatic really do lead the way with their vending machines. The SnackPoint trio has the ability to have two temperature zones. In the upper zone, the machine can house snacks while the lower zone is perfect for bottles and cans. This machine has the ability to be a single temperature which allows you to offer one or the other. It is an upright machine with a product delivery pocket. This helps to isolate the cabinet interior and can reduce vandalism and theft. Its two piece door design allows for quick and easy stock replacement. You can choose from a cash, cashless and free vend payment option.

Alongside its clean lines, the Elevate features a stunning, operator friendly touch screen to increase advertising revenue and display product images whilst vending. The experience of the elevator mechanism delivering your drink has a theatrical value, encouraging repeat purchases as well as being functionally superior to non-elevator drinks machines, in that it can safely deliver glass bottles. The Elevate delivers energy efficiency with an A++ energy rating and the ability to set power timers; allowing you to cut running costs by switching the machine off overnight or at weekends.