Sanremo Verona RS



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WCE (World Coffee Events) certified temperature stability and energy efficient extraction, the Verona RS is a classic sporty espresso machine with a retro design. If you are after a high-performance machine with a classic finish, this espresso machine with a revamped engine gives you absolute control for supreme coffee consistency. Available as 2 group or 3 group. Tall cup version also available.    WCE (World Coffee Events) certified The Verona RS delivers both aesthetically and mechanically.  Its custom-made lighting enhances its updated design and gives it the attractive look that, together with its WCE recognition, results in an outstanding performance every time. Its advanced technical abilities give option for an energy saving system which ensures 30% less energy consumption compared to traditional espresso machines.

Realtime Stability

The temperature of each coffee boiler can be set separately for each unit in order to produce the end product for the blend or single origin coffee being used. The dispensing of water for coffee and steam is kept completely separate, preventing any unwanted variances. The control unit manages three different temperature reading levels, thus ensuring the highest levels of thermal stability, with a variation of ±0.2°C and full steam power. Each group head has its own dedicated boiler supplied by a unique heat exchanger hydraulic circuit. The Verona RS is an amalgamation of reliable classic engineering and modern technology. Controlled pre-infusion together with the sophisticated electronic system can significantly increase the strength, body and sweetness of the coffee extracted.

Available in matt black and gloss white.



Key Features

Double Reading Gauge
Multifunction Display
Group SR 61
Static Relay Boiler Temperature
Stainless Steel Coffee Boiler
WCE Approved
Shot Timer
Energy Saving
Easy Service
Steam Wand
Programmable Pre-infusion
Water Temperature
System Display
Coffee Display
Mixed Infusion Water
Volumetric Pump
High Performance Volumetrics
LED Lighting
Cleaning Cycle
Naked Portafilters (optional)
High Power Steam Spouts (optional)
External Volumetrics Pumps (optional)
Stainless Steel Portafiler (optional)

Technical Data

Technical Data 2 Group RS 3 Group RS
Voltage V 220-240 1N

/ 280-415 3N

220-240 1N

/280-415 3N

Power Input kW 5.6 6.4
Steam Boiler Capacity Us gal/ lt 2.27/8.6 3.7/14
Steam Boiler Power kW 3.8 3.8
Pump Power kW 0.15 0.15
Cup-heater Power kW 0.2 0.25
RS Boiler Capacity US gal/ lt 0.26/ 1.0 0.39/1.5
Net Weight lb/ kg 150/68 187/85
RS Boiler Element Power kW 1 1.5


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